Meeting Recap: How To Land Your Dream Job

April 28, 2020


Last Wednesday, UW AMA had the pleasure of welcoming Lisa Bowman for an interview on her tips and tricks to landing that dream job. Lisa Bowman holds a seat on the national board of the AMA. As one of the top marketers in the world, she has 20+ years of marketing experience having held senior-level roles at UPS and most recently, as the global CMO of United Way. With her past experiences as a hiring manager and team leader, Lisa provided unique insights into strategies students can use during the job hunt. When not helping brands move forward with purpose, she is working out, traveling (before COVID!), or chilling with her Alaskan Klee Kai pup, Mojo.


Our Co-Presidents, Maleka and Carrie, were able to ask Lisa a series of questions to learn about what it takes to stand out in the competitive job market. Below are some highlights from a handful of questions asked.


Q: (Carrie Bustamante) What piece of advice do you have for preparing for interviews? 


“Look for transferable skills, get creative, but don’t lie.” Research the company and the person you are interviewing with on LinkedIn. Lisa also recommended diving into the newsroom of their website before the interview in order to come up with a recent company event which you can bring into the interview. This shows that you did your research and are up to date with industry trends and the activities of the company. Looking through your interviewer’s social media can also be a useful tactic to find a common interest, but remember to play it cool.


Q: (Maleka Darvish) What are the top traits you look for when hiring a candidate and why? 


“Can you instill confidence in me that you can do the job even if you haven’t done it before?”  n  This is a question that Lisa finds herself asking when selecting the right candidate for her team. Having a growth mindset where you are confident in yourself to take on the job creates trust. When hiring someone, looking for their eagerness to go beyond the role and take on more responsibility is highly valued. Most importantly, Lisa works to hire individuals for her team that she clicks with on a personal level. She values street smarts and creativity in her team and looks for those values when hiring. A successful team member is “the person that will raise their hand to do the work no one else wants to do.”


Q: (Carrie Bustamante) When applying to a job and creating a resume and cover letter, what would you recommend to make sure your application is read and stands out? 


“Make sure your resume is ready for formatting problems.” Lisa encouraged us to get creative with our resume, but make sure it is readable. One of the most important parts of building a resume is incorporating keywords from the job description into your experiences. This will increase the chance that your resume makes it through the filtering process. When it’s time to get creative, she suggested putting a quote of feedback from a professor (or employer) at the top of your resume or adding “sticky notes” to the side to highlight your skills. Adding personality to your resume through design can increase the memorability and add to your personal brand.


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