5 Cool Marketing Jobs You Never Knew Existed

November 30, 2018

Whether you’re just getting interested in the field of marketing or love your marketing major already, the careers available in the industry may seem broad or overwhelming at times because marketing encompasses such a wide, essential part of business! From advertising to web design, there is a multitude of marketing jobs that combine different levels of sales, creativity, analytics, and problem-solving. Here are a few jobs that that might not have known about—and might just inspire your future career!



1. Marketing Designer

Do you like both creativity and technology? If so, explore a career as a marketing designer, creating both digital and non-digital images to promote a brand! This job is can be everything from reaching out to visitors on a company’s website or improving the company’s online presence in general. Marketing designers keep the brand fresh with their technical skills by designing logos, combining color, typography, and other key visual elements. They typically work on projects that include social media graphics, advertisements, print materials, or even webinars. With the increasing importance of multimedia marketing, brands are always in need of marketing designers that will can understand the business and its industry thoroughly and then create a creative design to really reach its audience.


After all, who doesn’t like something more when it’s beautiful or interesting to look at?


2. Content Manager

These people keep a company’s content entertaining, informative, and relevant! What is that content? It can be everything from the company's website, videos, blogs, social media posts, and more. Content Managers oversee all of a company’s created content to make sure there is a flow between all the company's content across every channel. While content creators actually produce the content through different outlets, Content Managers oversee it and make sure it is cohesive with the company’s brand. It’s important for them to have a strategic schedule for the content as well to keep the company regularly engaging with their consumers.


Content Managers are very creative and have a strong understanding of their company's brand!


3. Marketing Consultant

This job is perfect for those who love finding marketing strategies for different companies and also have the travel bug. Consultants research competitors, customers, and trends in a certain client’s industry and proposes specific marketing routes to reach the client’s goals. They gain a deep understanding of the client they are working for and the industry in order to put their problem-solving skills to work. To be successful, marketing consultants are very knowledgeable on consumer behavior, search engine marketing, brand awareness, and social media. Because consultants are flexible and work closely with their clients, they travel frequently to meet with their clients and to learn more about the industry they are studying.


If you're a people person who loves problem-solving and wants to travel the world while you're at it, this might be the perfect job for you!


4. Green Product Marketer

Now more than ever, going green and living sustainably is a lifestyle many consumers are choosing. That’s why there are Green Product Marketers that specialize in promoting eco-friendly products and services, an industry that is rapidly growing. New technologies or products that are more eco-friendly are on the rise, so Green Product Marketers can inform and persuade people to try a unique product or service. This can be a challenging yet very exciting job as you can bring forth change and innovation  that will benefit the environment. On the job, you'll learn a ton about environmental impact, what it means for a product or service to be truly "green," and how to influence consumer choice.


Green Product Marketers is a great choice if you're passionate about creating a more sustainable society!


5. Fashion Marketing

If you’re someone who loves fashion and design like me, you’ll be happy to know that you don’t have to be a fashion designer or stylist to work in the industry! Fashion marketing is a crucial step between fashion designers who create clothing pieces and the market they want to sell those pieces to. What’s unique about fashion marketing is that it runs through short seasons of styles, which means that fashion marketers have to be quick on their feet learning the latest trends while connecting with the target audience to amplify sales.Within the realm of vast fashion marketing are specialized roles, such as market research, brand design, advertising campaign development, and strategic pricing and distribution. Each of these positions must stay in tune with the target consumers by studying their behaviors, matching the imagery of a product to current trends, and presenting them through mediums they are compelled by. In the world of fashion, these patterns can change quickly!


Fashion marketers have a love of style but are happy behind the scenes helping the designers shine. 


Whatever your passions are, marketing can help connect you to the industry of your dreams. The power of marketing is its versatility—even if the five jobs we highlighted above aren't your perfect fit, do a little research into one (or several!) of your passions, and odds are you'll find a marketing job or internship that's right for you.



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