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Member Spotlight: Expanding Your Connections During the Pandemic w/ Emily Leung

After over two-quarters of online learning, many upperclassmen like myself know the struggles of adapting to a remote environment. However, for freshman Emily Leung, she utilized the remote environment to get involved in AMA and other organizations from the comfort of her California home.

Emily first discovered AMA during Dawg Daze while looking at all of the RSOs. She was drawn to the club because she possessed a curiosity for marketing and wanted to gain hands-on experience. Through the organization, she has had the opportunity to network with students and professionals while gaining new marketing tactics to add to her toolbox.

During her first quarter of AMA, she participated in the AMA Agency where she helped provide consulting to a local Pike Place business. Even as a freshman in a remote environment, she took a leadership position and became a crucial member of her team.

“Over the course of a month, I worked with these students and was able to learn from upperclassmen and form friendships with them!” Emily said.

Not only did she play an important role in the agency, but after her second quarter of college, she took on a part-time internship for CLEAN Cause. CLEAN Cause is a company that sells healthy caffeinated energy drinks made from Yerba Mate. As a Collegiate Marketing Representative, Emily is the brand ambassador for the UW. She applied to the internship after seeing the job posting in the AMA Facebook group and was inspired by the social issues the company supports.

“I admire how CLEAN Cause allocates 50% of its profits towards drug and alcohol addiction recovery. This internship has been a great opportunity for me to get out of my comfort zone by encouraging me to reach out to people,” Emily said. “It also gives me room to develop my marketing skills and gives me insight into what a business career might look like.”

She is also working on the Her Campus social media team, pledging a business fraternity, and a virtual afterschool tutor at the Horn of Africa Services. Emily is proof that it is never too early to get involved. She has already impacted AMA in so many ways, and her growth in the past few months is admirable. While she is currently taking classes at home in California, she has networked and formed friendships in the remote environment.

For freshmen looking to get involved, she recommends joining a FIG, looking at internships, and becoming a member of different RSOs.

“My other piece of advice would be to join as many student organizations that you are interested in during your first quarter and from there determine which ones are worth it in the long term,” Emily said. “From these clubs, you can meet many people who have similar interests to you and are usually down to talk and connect with you. Don’t be afraid to do something out of your comfort zone!”

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