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AMA Agency

Who We Are

UW AMA Agency is a Seattle-based student-run marketing agency—but we prefer to think of ourselves as marketing matchmakers. As part of the American Marketing Association’s UW chapter, we connect students with real-world marketing projects from local small businesses and on-campus organizations.

Joining the Agency

Applications are CLOSED.

Join the Agency to gain real-life marketing consulting experience working with Seattle businesses. Direct any questions to!


Recruitment occurs during the Autumn and Winter of each year.

How it Works

Groups of 4 student consultants will be paired with 1 talented project manager to guide the structure of the program and facilitate the meetings.

Then, each group of 5 are assigned to a nearby Seattle business in need of marketing guidance.


Throughout this 7-week program, consultants will:


Develop a Project Scope


Make a company visit


Meet weekly with client 1:1


Gather research into a slide deck


Strategize Marketing Plans 


Present slide deck to client

What You'll Gain

Throughout this program, you will gain professional skills that are beneficial to all fields:


"We plan on implementing everything they put together for us! We love what they did, they listened to our suggestions, comments and concerns. They made great recommendations and had wonderful advice."

Planning Savvy

"You guys were awesome!  Thanks so much for all the hard work you all did!  We really appreciate your insight and time."

Urban Craft Uprising

"Wow! I am really impressed by what you guys have to offer. It went beyond what my expectations were. I almost feel like your service is under-utilized, especially in the small business realm. I feel like you guys have so much to offer small businesses and it's almost necessary for us to utilize services such as AMA."

Seven Coffee Roasters

"We loved the deliverables. They really went above and beyond and not only had great ideas but also had great examples of how to implement. We were super impressed."

Sugar + Spoon



Prospective Clients

Interested in our services? Email:

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